During recent years, several digital developments have been introduced into the manufacturing industry with the target of improving the flexibility of manufacturing systems, based on improved planning and processes. This improvement has been usually focused on gaining the productivity of the manufacturing system itself and adapting to customer demands in midterm periods. However, in times of rapid market changes, crises, and natural disasters this slow adaptation to drastic changes of demands and global value chains is not acceptable anymore.

RaRe2 project aims to introduce the smart connection of sustainable and digited manufacturing solutions to enable rapid configurable and crisis-resilient manufacturing systems, which can quickly ramp-up to full production speed for the new societal and customer demanded products.

RaRe2 is characterized by significant innovations in 8 areas:

SO Addressed Main Innovations brought by RaRe2
SO1 - Early Detection Sector range specific early detection software.
SO2 - Digital Twins Standardized system level digital manufacturing twin.
Standardized system level digital logistics twin.
Automatic generation and simulation of alternative value chains.
SO3 - Workers Skill gaps detection and methods for standardizing reconfigurable trainings.
Reconfigurable mixed-reality assistance and training for manual workplaces.
SO4 - Platform Holistic Modular ecosystem platform for fast interactive decision support.
SO5 - Ecosystem Certification standard, collaboration methodologies, best practices.