The RaRe2 management methodology follows three main phases. In each phase, the main activities will start with a small-scale demonstration, which will be first verified then improved to a large-scale environment.

  • Phase 1 is the Preparation Phase - Where is carried out the strategic analyses of requirements and possibilities as well as the development of a roadmap and validation plan. Technological and methodological requirements, flexibilities and potentials, resource efficiencies and social aspects will be incorporated in the initial design of the platform, considering legal constraints and technical peculiarities. The first milestone MS1 of the project is the release of a roadmap in conjunction with a validation plan.

  • Phase 2 is the Technology Development - With a first IT small scale implementation phase (M20 - M27). It runs the development of the Holistic Ecosystem platform core components that will be connected to a secure IT-platform. The second milestone MS2 of the project is the release of the core components of the platform. The third milestone MS3 is the consolidation of these components into one IT platform verified and tested (M1 - M12).

  • Phase 3 is the Adoption and Demonstration - Of the holistic digital platform will be integrated with legacy systems of the real industrial environment for demonstration and continuous improvement of the IT developments (M28 - M39). Milestone MS4 will be reached with validation of the platform in all small-scale demonstration (M34). The demonstration results will be analysed, and lessons learnt will be used to release a continuous improvement management, which is the fifth Milestone MS5 of RaRe2 (M39). Milestone MS6 will conclude the RaRe2 project preparing the digital and methodological results for commercial exploitation and integration into the European Ecosystem, to be used for short-term and long-term improvement of reconfiguration of manufacturing (M36 - M42).